"Innovation starts by intimately observing your customers" - Jermey Gutusche

We learn everything by observing: How life works; How organizations make decisions; How money flows in an economy; How consumers buy a particular product to the perceived value in their eyes post sales.

Calling ourselves 'Multipliers', we are the 'Think Tanks' comprising of Millennials and Baby Boomers likewise. Our varied experiences across the Indian Diaspora make it possible for the hybrid in-house trained executives to execute your project with meticulous planning.

We have an active belief system, which says about 'What We Can' and 'What We Cannot' DO. And yes, there is always a 'Thin-But-Judgmental' line between Ambition and Contentment. We have the spirit of a Start Up, and we operate like one. We take up challenging tasks that big giants don't even dare to think. We believe in 'Decision Sciences'. And we call it "knowing about the processes which help in making decisions faster."

We are your 'Social Quotient Multiplier'; catalyst in transcending your business to newer heights.

P.S: We love Literature, Education, Tourism, Hospitality, IT & ITeS, Pharmaceuticals, Government, and Wellness Industry.

P.P.S: No matter if you are a Start-up, SME, or a Giant - We love you equally!

  • To become No. 1 Research and Digital Marketing Company of Gujarat by 2020.
  • To become the most innovative Digital Marketing Company of Asia-Pacific by 2025.

To develop and execute decision making capability for our clients, by providing them with the disrupting yet impactful marketing solutions.


Our goal is to become the 'Innovation Company' in the fields of Digital Research and Digital Marketing.

Core Values
  • Out-Of-The-Box Thinking
  • Sales Oriented Work
  • Execution Focused

"Innovation is not the result of chance, it is the result of action. It's not a thing to wait for. It's a thing to do" -Phil Mckinney

Something About Ahmedabad

This city is incredible. It is not a State Capital, but nonetheless, it is more than the one. Moreover, it is about to become the Financial Hub of the Country. With the evolution of GIFT City and Smart Cities in Gujarat - we are destined to achieve greater heights in times to come.

With renowned institutions like IIM, MICA, NID, IRMA, NIRMA, and LD in the hand-shake vicinity, we have access to their mentorship and expertise in devising the strategic solutions for our clients.

Moreover, it takes only at max 6 hours from Ahmedabad to reach any State Capital City of India. We are so connected: only if one knows how to leverage the Available-But-Complex-Systems.