With the heart of a start-up and ethos of a multinational, we have a flat team and zero hierarchy. We believe everyone should everything and transparency is a key ingredient of our culture.

With NO HR team, we do not believe in ordering people for the work. Instead, we collaborate on a daily basis, for each hour, and for each second making sure that all of us are in synchronisation with each other. We know we are a 'rare breed' of a team. But that's how we like to work. We call ourselves 'Multipliers'.

We are a bunch of intellectuals. We are a think tank. We are one of those who like facing 'challenging tasks' and love creating stunning things out of passion.

We are a bunch of tough nuts working on challenging tasks. We find a problem, and then we come up with an ingenious solution. Whatever it takes, but we come up with a solution. If that means learning new technology, acquiring new knowledge, talking to people or reading books, we do it devotedly. Once learnt and planned, we execute it with all our might. And we enjoy this process. We call it a high risk-high output process.

And yes, with this unique kind of 'Culture' and 'Work Environment', we are situated in Ahmedabad, India.

P.S: We love Literature, Education, Tourism, Hospitality, IT & ITeS, Pharmaceuticals, Government, and Wellness Industry.